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Beginner's PR for Ethical Entrepreneurs

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Beginner's PR for Ethical Entrepreneurs

 Get your PR message out there. 

Reach the people who need to hear it.


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Are you fired up with enthusiasm for your ethical business, but lack the skills that can get the message across to the people who should know about it? 

Sign up for my PR course and I will teach you the PR skills that can TURBOCHARGE your enterprise and reach 1000s of new people who can convert into followers, advocates and customers.

In just three modules, you’ll go from having no idea where to start, to confidentially pitching your story directly to journalists and producers.

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We're in the Decade of Action! 

This is a great time to be an ethical entrepreneur, so let me help you to get your voice heard and drive change.

I’m a PR professional with 25 years’ experience in the business and a passion for ethical brands. I’ve created this invaluable six-week course to help ambitious, purpose-led businesses and changemakers get the attention they deserve!

Good, strategic PR can boost your reputation, build trust between customers and your brand, and increase your income. 

  • Discover the PR skills used by the pros to get into the press.
  • Find out how to create a basic but effective PR strategy.
  • Learn how to handle journalists with confidence to boost and manage your brand reputation.
  • Get to know your brand voice, so that you always know what you want to say, who you need to say it to, plus how and when you say it!

What’s included?

  • Three separate modules covering everything you need to know about basic PR for ethical businesses.
  • Fortnightly live online group Q&As and coaching sessions with me.
  • Video and text-based content.
  • Optional extra of one-to-one coaching.
  • Exclusive content from national environmental journalist, Anna Turns, who offers her exclusive advice to ethical entrepreneurs, which other kinds of businesses can benefit from. 
  • PR secrets from other journalists and bloggers.
  • Advice on taking great photos from acclaimed national press photographer, John Ferguson.

 National Journalist, Anna Turns, shares her priceless knowledge.

Six weeks, three modules

Course modules are released every other Monday, and each lesson involves completing a specially created PR task and at key points there are live online lessons with me.

Releasing each module gradually ensures that you have enough time to complete the lessons and digest your fabulous new skills.

Live sessions

I'll run our fortnightly live sessions via Zoom for one hour at 6pm. The sessions provide a safe and supportive place to ask me questions about the course content or find reassurance that you're on the right track. You can learn from fellow students, while making new friends and benefitting from peer support. The floor will mainly be yours, however, I will provide direction to ensure you're making the most of the hour. 

Book Now for January 2021!

Join the course now and learn how to boost your PR skills. 

Now is the time to discover the secrets to getting your business where it belongs – in the media spotlight.  

Invest just £399 in developing exciting, new and powerful PR skills.

Module 1: Monday 11 January 2021 (LIVE SESSION ON THURSDAY 14 JANUARY, 6PM)
Module 2: Monday 25 January 2021 (LIVE SESSION ON THURSDAY 28 JANUARY, 6PM)
Module 3: Monday 8 February 2021 (LIVE SESSION ON THURSDAY 11 FEBRUARY, 6PM) 


Find out more about the course creator and coach, Elma - PR expert

Or if you'd like additional one-to-one coaching, take a look at my coaching packages:


Course curriculum

  • 1

    A warm welcome to Beginner's PR for Ethical Entrepreneurs

  • 2

    MODULE 1: How to set PR goal and objectives, and find your uniqueness

    • Introduction to Week One

    • Lesson 1: How to identify your goals and objectives

    • Lesson 2: How to make sure your objectives are achievable

    • Lesson 3: What is a unique selling point and why do you need one?

    • Lesson 4: How to create your own USP

    • Lesson 5: How to communicate your USP

    • Congratulations on completing Week One!

  • 3

    MODULE 2: How to identify your audience and find the media they love

  • 4

    MODULE 3: How to produce and pitch a newsworthy press release

    • Introduction to Week Three

    • Lesson 1: What is a press release and why do you need one?

    • Lesson 2: How to find an angle that works

    • Lesson 3: How to write your press release

    • Lesson 4: The value of high-quality photographs

    • Lesson 5: Preparing for transparency

    • Lesson 6: How to pitch your story to the media

    • Congratulations! You've completed the course! You rock!

Pricing options

Explain how different pricing options might be valuable to different segments of your audience.


  • Who should do this course?

    Anyone who has no or very little experience in securing press coverage and who runs a small business or organisation in the ethical space. But the course is also useful for other types of small businesses, which have an interest in the issues that ethical entprenuers need to consider, such as how to communicate their purpose and how to be transparent when working with the media.

  • How do I pay for the course?

    All payments are made via Strike.

  • Can I cancel and get a full refund?

    Full refunds are available up to 14 days following payment up until the beginning of the course. If you request a refund once the course has started you have up to 5 days from the start date to alert us. Email us:

  • What's involved in the live coaching and Q&A sessions?

    I'll run our fortnightly live sessions via Zoom for one hour at 6pm. The sessions provide a safe and supportive place to ask me questions about the course content or anything you're not sure about. It's also a great opportunity to find reassurance that you're on the right track. You can also use the hour to learn from fellow students and even make new friends and collaborators, and benefit from peer support. I can also set you back on track if you're in danger of over-complicating things, or if you're just feeling stuck! The idea is to be open to what you'll learn from me and other students, with me providing some direction now and again.

  • What are the future course release dates?

    For the next course, see the above course description. Or you are welcome to sign up to my newsletter for all forthcoming course dates. Sign up at

  • Can I download and share the course content?

    No, as this is a breach in the agreement you agree to when buying the course. During the course there are worksheets and templates available for download but are for your personal use only, as part of the study process.

  • How can I get help with technical issues?

    Please contact the company that runs this website, Thinkific.